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Joan Batten, Study Chair
After six months of work, our nine-member committee has produced a study of the libraries of Clackamas County which is included with this Clackson. We hope you will all read it and enjoy it.  It is the result of a survey of the librarians and of visiting the thirteen libraries in the County. We hope to have a good discussion and arrive at a new position on the purposes of libraries and on siting criteria.

Our existing position is the basis for recent action. Two letters to the editors of the Oregon City Times and Canby Herald have been sent in support of ballot measures for new library facilities in Oregon City and Canby. Our new position should be helpful in the future when action is needed.

Libraries have an economic impact on our communities.  Nationally, annual spending for libraries is 14 billion dollars, almost as much as is spent on magazine advertising. U.S. libraries circulate about the same number of items as FedEx ships per day. A quote from Walter Cronkite says, "Whatever the cost of our libraries, the price is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation."

Another quote from U.S. News and World Report in 7/12/99 states "For years it was predicted that libraries would become superfluous - mausoleums for books - when so much is available on-line.  Instead, library visits now far exceed annual attendance at sporting events, concerts and museums combined.  It turns out that the very electronic revolution that was supposed to make libraries obsolete has made them indispensible."

Come and join us in an interesting and productive discussion! The study report can befound at  Library Study 3-27-2014.pdf and consensus questions at LWVCC consensus questions 2014 library study.pdf.

Joan Batten, Library Study Chair, (503 639-4064 and joanbatten10@gmail.com), Sonja Kollias, Katie Lu, Jay Medley, Nancy Perl, Chris Roth, Kate Roth, Sylvia Smith and Judi Umaki.

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